“Julian the Tyrant” and other Stories

There’s been a lot of talk lately around Julian Assange following the release of 250 000+ “secret cables” by the media site WikiLeaks (hope that link still works when this is published). Astonishingly, a lot of media attention has focused on the detrimental and sometimes embarrassing repercussions for the united states. Imagine that, you are exposed for badmouthing other countries and leaders in secret and end up with egg on your face, shocking.

In addition these leaks may lead to casualties on the field of battle by giving the enemy information with regard to spies and (I suppose) other covert military operations, demonstrable. Further, a warrant of arrest has been issued in Sweden for the arrest of Mr Assange so as to question him with regard to the alleged rape of two women, unconscionable.

Truly, no greater villain exists in the history of the world. Well, that’s the impression I get from the US government and some of my friends. So I suppose the first contention to deal with is the notion of these awful casualties that could be suffered as a result of these leaks. Now, the death of a human being is always a tragic thing and on this point I would even give the US armed forces the benefit of the doubt by assuming this particular leak will incur casualties. However, I do not believe that were such casualties to be suffered it would be the fault of wikileaks (or Assange).

Allow me to explain, once again an attempt was made, this time directly with the US government, to censor the information in an attempt to guard against the aforementioned casualties. The US government bluntly refused to cooperate knowing full well that that would lead to a completely raw publication as has happened previously with regard to the Afghanistan war leaks. Call me naive but one would think a US government desperate to protect lives and other interests would at least attempt to bend policy in this instance. Unless of course there aren’t really lives at stake or they are not important enough.

I suppose the second most serious allegation is one of rape of two women. Now again, second to death must be rape and torture in terms of the most tragic and inhumane things to do to another person. Having said that though, these charges sound fishy as Friday night pap and pilchards (well I like it). Seemingly Mr Assange was at first engaged in “consensual” sexual relations with two Swedish women, on consecutive days, that then “became non consensual”. Seemingly both girls were okay with sex but were not okay with him not using protection. Which amounts to rape in Sweden… Think what you like, personally I would expect someone who was truly afraid of the dangers of unprotected sex to leave if my partner refused to wear a condom.

Anyway to cut a long story short the Assange has been arrested for questioning in relation to the aforementioned rape charges. It is expected that he will be extradited to Sweden for questioning.

It’s all rather laughable really, “Jullian Assange one of America’s most wanted”, Hillary Clinton falling all over herself as a apologising to half the planet. Funny, but wikileaks is no joke. It, and sites like it are all that stand between us and unscrupulous government monopolizing the press and as a consequence our access to information. We almost forget that the type of information coming out of these cables is pertinent to the general public of the United States and other nations involved. We almost forget that the people have a right to view this site and the information on it (see First Amendment or for the rest of us Article 19 of The UN declaration of Human Rights), in the words of Hillary Clinton wikileaks affects the whole “international community”. We almost forget that just a handful of individuals are still willing to risk everything to keep our governments transparent and in check.

I am not an American, nor have I ever been to the USA, but I can assure you the day wiki-leaks goes quiet is the day we all become a little less free.