The “So You Think You Know Africa?” Quiz!

Jul 23, 12 The “So You Think You Know Africa?” Quiz!

There is a lot of writing on this website. We have many contributors contributing many contributions, but very rarely do we ask the readers any genuine questions that aren’t a lay-up to some useful piece of argumentation or, better yet, a witty anecdote. So here is our first offering in interactive African intellectualism. Do the quiz, see how knowledgeable you are, or aren’t, and more importantly, show your friends to see if you’re smarter than them!

[mtouchquiz 2]

  • Annie

    This is great!

  • Chris

    very educative and a nice feel about it-well done guys

  • Vincent

    Goes to show how much we think we know, but really don’t.

  • Zuzi

    Awesome quiz! How about a Part 2…

  • Vincent

    Nice one again! Keep them coming and maybe we’ll learn more about our continent. Vincent