A New Dawn for Egypt?

Feb 09, 11 A New Dawn for Egypt?

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“Once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it is almost impossible to eradicate.” Dom Cobb, Inception. The seed of democratisation has been planted in the minds of Egyptians from all spheres of life and is a seed that is now beyond containment.

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Mbeki Speaks on the Eve of Historic Sudanese Referendum

On the eve of what will no doubt become an historic referendum for South Sudan, Mbeki gave two speeches at the University of Khartoum and the University of Juba, in which he noted that the referendum will be a cause for celebration regardless of the outcome. Either way, Sudan will emerge as a true contributor to the emancipation and transformation of the African continent, and will help lead Africa on its ‘Pan-Africanist’ path.

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Egypt’s ‘Coptic Issue’

Recent attacks on Egypt’s Coptic Christian’s through drive-by shootings and violent terror attacks have brought to the fore Egypt’s underlying socio-political problems. Without identifying and adequately dealing with such religious divisions that seem to be plaguing Egyptian society, the North African country could face far more tensions and conflicts in the near future.

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