ANCYL – Would Nationalisation be so terrible?

Jun 29, 11 ANCYL – Would Nationalisation be so terrible?

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To some this would be a rhetorical question. For others it would be a resounding YES.  I would have answered in the same vein, but after hearing the ramblings and sometimes threats from the ANC Youth League and strong denials from the broader ANC movement; I have been compelled to delve into this issue. The idea of nationalising...

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Why We Should Pay More Attention to Julius Malema

Jun 21, 11 Why We Should Pay More Attention to Julius Malema

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Julius is not a Kingmaker In and of himself, even with the backing of the title of “President of ANC Youth League”, his power is limited. That he has significant sway is beyond doubt, especially after the Midrand conference, however, something else underpins this source of power. It is still the traditional structures that elect...

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On Media Sensationalism

May 16, 11 On Media Sensationalism

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I hold the opinion that melodramatic segments of African media houses hold too much sway in the industry. I therefore find many headlines, photos and sound bites too over the top to warrant attention. Two incidents in Kenya and South Africa caught my interest mainly for the sensationalism that surrounded them. Besides the fact that...

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Dubul’ Ibhunu

Apr 20, 11 Dubul’ Ibhunu

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Advocate George Bizos, a renowned Senior Counsel at the Johannesburg bar, was once involved in a trial where he had an opportunity to cross-examine the late leader of the AWB, Eugene Terreblanche. Spurred by the North West’s heat, Terreblanche became thirsty while he was testifying. The Court Orderly had not placed water on...

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Nationalisation or freedom: What would Julius do?

Mar 11, 11 Nationalisation or freedom: What would Julius do?

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Julius Malema and his posse are right: the unemployment situation in South Africa, the inequality, the lack of economic freedom, is a ticking time-bomb that cannot be ignored. The poor will eventually stop being okay with rich people riding around in fancy German cars, wearing expensive, imported watches and drinking x-year old...

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